Smart Safety & Security

Sercotec installs state-of-the-art safety & security products. Manage everything in one user-friendly online platform: access control, CCTV, worker registration, fire- and environmental sensors.

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  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • CCTV 


  • Fire detection
  • Smart mustering stations
  • Environmental monitoring: wind speeds, gas detection


Platform & Apps

Our online Safety & Security Management platform offers site managers a clear dashboard for worker and access control and for monitoring all safety infrastructure. It is built on an open Romcore® architecture.
All of our functionalities are adapted for desktop, tablet or smartphone use.


Access Control and Security

We offer a check-in-at-work service, where entry and exit of personnel and the process of registering contractors at social security services is fully automated. 

Once on the site, a wide array of CCTV and other proprietary Sercotec sensory systems ensure a secure and controlled environment. 

Sercotec is exclusive install partner of Rombit and Romcore security technology, and of KeyProcessor systems; a global reference in the field of access- and worker registration. 


Worker Safety

Industrial automation has not yet been able to crack down on worker incidents. Every year thousands of (fatal) accidents can easily be prevented through ample safety systems. Sercotec has state-of-the-art readily available fire, gas and environmental monitoring products, and is pilot partner for the Rombit wearable, a secure device for access, certification and health monitoring, ready for deployment in 2018.